Global Survey Login Events

Survey Login Events are used to preload a target survey with data from a source survey. Survey Login Events can also be utilized when a study involves a participant taking a survey at multiple points in the workflow. The Login Workflow Events allow users to specify which responses from a given survey (the source survey) will be passed into a variable (calculation, preload, standard question, etc) in a subsequent survey (the target survey). Users can specify either to preload responses from the most recent instance of the source survey or from the first instance of the source survey.

NOTE:  Global Survey Login Events can only be used on Authenticated Surveys

Adding a Global Survey Login Event in the Enterprise Manager

  1. In the Enterprise Manager
  2. Expand the Project to view the Surveys within the Project
  3. Click on Surveys
  4. Click on the Edit Survey Login Events IconEdit_PostAuth_Survey_Submit_Icon.gif next to the target survey
  5. Enter a Description - Optional
  6. Click Save Event
  7. Click the Add Action Group AddActionIcon.gif in the upper right corner
  8. Add the Name of the Action Group
  9. Click on the Action Conditions Tab
  10. If applicable - Enter appropriate conditions using the SaveCheck.gif to save each - if applicable - NOTE: These are only Participant Properties
  11. In the Action tab select Data Transfer - This is the only option at this time
  12. Select the Source Survey from the drop-down
  13. Determine if the information will come from the First Instance or Most Recent Instance of the Source Survey
  14. Select the box next to Map all Variables? or Click on the Add Variable AddIcon.gif icon
  15. Map a Variable from the source survey to a Variable in the target survey, using the SaveCheck.gif to save each time
  16. Add more Action Groups if there are Actions to be taken that require a different set of conditions
  17. Click OK when completed