Global Survey Submit Events

Global Submit Events may be configured for a Survey that may or may not be utilized within a DatStat Discovery configuration.

Global Survey Submit Events are used to Add Participants to a Participant List, Update Participants on a Participant List, Assign a Participant to a Derived Participant List, send an Email Alert or send a SMS Text Alert.

They occur anytime a survey is submitted.

Creating a Global Survey Submit Event in the Enterprise Manager

  1. In the Enterprise Manager
  2. Expand the Project to view the Surveys within the Project
  3. Click on Surveys
  4. Click on the Edit Survey Submit Events Icon Edit_Survey_Submit_Icon.gif
  5. Select the Data Collection Methods and Submission Types




Collection Methods


Submission Types


  1. Enter an Event Description - Optional
  2. Click Save Event
  3. Click the Add Action Group AddActionIcon.gif in the upper right corner
  4. Add the Name of the Action Group
  5. Select the Participant List for which the actions will impact


  1. Click the Save button
  2. Click on the Action Conditions Tab, which is now enabled
  3. Click the Add Action Condition  GreenPlus.gif Icon to select from Survey or Participant data for the conditions
  4. Enter appropriate conditions using the SaveCheck.gif to save each row before adding another
  5. If the Action Condition Comparison Type is “Complex Expression” write out the Complex Expression in the Action Comparison Type Advanced Field


NOTE: Use the Edit EditIcon.gif icon to edit specific conditions and the Delete DeleteIcon.gif icon to delete


  1. Click the Actions Tab
  2. Click the Add Action GreenPlus.gif icon in the Actions Tab
  3. Select the appropriate Action from the drop-down
  4. Enter the appropriate information depending on your Action.


  1. Click Save and OK when complete