SMS Messaging


Enabling the SMS functionality for a Discovery project involves two processes: 1) configuring settings in the Discovery application, and 2) the purchasing SMS messages from a SMS Gateway Provider.  The functionality provided is One Way Text Messaging, with messages of up to 160 characters.  Bounce back monitoring/Provider is provided by the SMS Gateway Provider.  There is no communication from/integration between the Gateway Provider and Discovery, i.e. the receipt status of a text message is not communicated to Discovery.

Enabling SMS Messaging:

To enable SMS messaging, the SMS Account Settings in the Enterprise Manager will need to be updated.   


  1. In the Enterprise Manager expand the Applications Directory
  2. Click on SMS Messaging to open the configuration window to the right
  3. Click on each of the Edit App Settings icons to configure
  4. Once finished with each Click Save and OK

Fields for Configuration

Enable SMS Message Service - Yes/No
SMS Message Provider Account - Account purchased with supported provider
SMS Message Provider Password - Password associated with purchased Account
SMS Message Provider URL -  Currently the only supported URL