A Site is a defined location where study tasks occur, with Users and Participants belonging specifically to that Site.  Defining study Sites gives researchers the ability to organize their Participants by Site, thus controlling which Participants are viewed by which Users. 


For example, a User may be an administrator at Hospital A, or a physician at Hospital B. A participant may be a patient at Hospital A or a patient at Hospital B. Hospital A Users work with Hospital A patients. Hospital B Users work with Hospital B patients. Defining Sites in Discovery provides the ability to limit access to participants to only those Users belonging to that Site.


Understanding Sites


Creating Sites

  1. Login as a User with the Administrator Role for System in Discovery/Illume
  2. In the Enterprise Manager screen, select Sites
  3. Select Take Action/Add Site
  4. Enter Required information
    1. Site Name
    2. Site Code - Shorter Site Name
  5. Description - Enter a description for this Site
  6. Enter the appropriate Contact information if desired
  7. Click Save
  8. At the Site Saved message click OK

Adding Sites and Site Groups to a Master List

See Creating a Master Participant List


Assigning Users to Sites

See Add New User