Adding Participants within a Study

There are three ways that Participants can be added to a Study Arm within the Study:

  1. Manually create a Participant
  2. Import Participants from a list
  3. Use a Survey Submit Event - See Survey Submit Events

Manually Add New Participant

To manually add a new participant to a specific Study Arm take these steps:

  1. From the My Participants Screen select Take Action
  2. Select Add New Participant from the drop-down
  3. Enter all of the appropriate Participant data in the Standard Participant Properties tab, ensuring you select the appropriate Study Arm for the participant.  If you fail to do so, no workflow will be generated for the participant
  4. Add any additional information in the Custom Participant Info tab NOTE: This tab will not show if there are no Custom Definitions
  5. Select one or multiple Case Owners from the User Access tab NOTE: This tab will not show if the DATSTAT_CASEOWNER definition is disabled
  6. Click Save and OK
  7. If the Save does not work, it is likely because you have a required field that has not been entered.  Values must be entered in required fields before you can Save your Add New Participant action.

Importing Participants from List

A list of participants can be imported in bulk into the system using the Import Participants option.

NOTE: Start by creating a Tab Delimited Text file where the Participant Property names are the column headers.


To Import a list of new participants into a Study ARM take these steps:

  1. From the My Participants Screen select Take Action
  2. Select Import Participants from the drop-down


  1. Use the Browse button to select the Tab Delimited Text file
  2. Select the desired Import Options
  3. Select the Appropriate Study Arm in which to import
  4. Click the Save button
  5. There will be an update either telling of a possible error or how many participants were successfully imported
  6. At the Participants Updated screen click OK

NOTE: If the file does not contain information for all Required Properties an error message will be presented.  It will only upload the Participants that have data for all Required Properties.

NOTE: It is not possible to add additional Custom Definitions within a Study.  To add additional Custom Definitions to the Participant List go to Adding Participants in the Enterprise Manager


Example Tab Delimited Text file:


Import Participant Access User List

The Access User List identifies the Case Owners that have the ability to view and potentially edit particular Participants.


  1. From the My Participants Screen select Take Action
  2. Select Import Participant Access User List from the drop-down
  3. Browse to the Tab Delimited .txt file
  4. Click Save and OK


Example of List

NOTE: For each participant there is a row for each User given access


Edit Participant


Users may edit the values stored in Participant Definitions for a participant by clicking on the Edit Participant icon from any data grid in the Discovery application or from the Participant Detail View.


Clicking on this icon will bring up the Edit Participant form.


Make the appropriate changes and click the Save Changes button.